Olivier Cheah
Hong Kong Office
Tel: +852 2815.6655
email: hongkong@oliviercheah.com
Olivier Cheah specializes in partner level recruitment for international law firms in Asia. We have two internationally experienced consultants with an intimate knowledge of the international legal and financial landscape dedicated to serving both client firms and candidates. We have no ambition to expand, and we deliberately maintain a very small client base. This enables us to focus on a select few jobs at any one time, eliminating conflict situations and ensuring maximum effectiveness for the clients we do work with. We pride ourselves on quality of service rather than volume.

We have a proven track record of success with leading international law firms and are always happy for potential clients to speak to firms we have worked with in the past. Not only have we successfully placed individual partners and teams with existing offices, but have had great success finding appropriate partners for start up operations of international firms.

It is our constant endeavour to be the leaders in our field, and this means never compromising on matters of sensitivity, confidentiality or thoroughness. We provide solutions and opportunities that make sense, and we make a constant effort not to waste peopleís time. Itís that simple.